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Thursday, 11 June 2015


Welcome to Jan van Riebeeck High School's Alternative Haiku Society, our in-house platform for semi-free-form creative expression.

Founded 11 June 2015 by Mr Hein Mönnig and learners Kimberley Hing and Reinhardt Voges, JvRAHS is aimed at providing an outlet for our free-thinking types -- those who wish to commit haiku outside of the traditional constraints of smothering budgets, melting crayons on summer afternoons, and the loud clashing of paisley cravats worn with khaki cargo shorts.

Here you will read haiku the likes of which you have not read before. Strap on your syllable-counter, and prepare to scan...

Hein Mönnig
HSJvR English Department

PS: Email me at for your invitation...

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